About Me

I am a 21 year old student, studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo in Canada. Previous to university, I had initially started programming during high school, allowing me to be exposed to scripting languages and implementing basic functional programs. When I had reached university, I then began to learn object-oriented programming throughout my curriculum and grew an interest in pursuing a job to apply my growing knowledge. With personal projects and work experience, I have found that my love for software has continued to grow at an order of O(n3) and refused to stop.

Continously learning new technologies is difficult as I want to pursue my Electrical Engineering degree, but also require growing knowledge of software to pursue my career interests. Much of my software knowledge today is therefore self-taught through projects or my past experiences and I continue to learn this way.


University of Waterloo

B.A.Sc in Electrical Engineering


While majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Waterloo, I have been given the opportunity to broaden my academic spectrum by not only learning in accordance to my major but the major of Computer Engineering as well. Having the capability to take courses in Computer Engineering has given me the opportunity to take courses such as data structures and algorithms (ECE 250) allowing me to grow my interest within development continously.


Amplify Education

Software Developer

September - December 2014

New York City, New York

Throughout this co-op experience, I was put in charge of multiple tasks which included but were not limited to; restructuring and creating new Selenium tests for a web app, as well as producing python scripts to retrieve and edit student data according to business intelligence. While readjusting, analyzing and creating new data, I was able to enhance my data analysis and data management knowledge with the use of minor SQL and production of scripts.

Barrow Technology Solutions

Technology Operations Consultant

January - April 2014

Toronto, Ontario

Barrow Technology Solutions is a startup engaged in SAP Process Integration. This position was focused on both technical and business aspects of the company. Technically, I aided in the advencments of basic SAP architecture, maintained the company website, as well as produced an internal website with authentication for contractors. The internal website was implemented for contractors to stay up to date with on-going projects as well as to be informed of new technical updates. On the business aspect, I was required to expand the company by creating product and services documentation, improve online presence on LinkedIn, and reach out to potential partners as well as future clients.

Canadian Tire Inc.

Retail Process Analyst

June - August 2013

Toronto, Ontario

With previous experience working on the sales floor of a local Canadian Tire store, I was placed in charge of designing the new replenishment software later used by Canadian Tire employees across 200 stores. This co-op was split into three parts; initially gathering research data, secondly produce a conceptual design, and lastly beta test the software with multiple stores. As I aided in the design, I created multiple presentations which were showcased to the Technology Committee at the Canadian Tire Corporation headquarters. After finalizing the design with the committee, I was then able to support multiple stores in beta testing the software to reach its current design.

Thru Frame Studios

Co-Founder & Manager of Operations

March - August 2013

Toronto, Ontario

Thru Frame Studios was co-founded by my brother and I as a photography business working within Hamilton and Toronto regions. As we shared a passion in photography, we decided to take our common interest and develop a business. Initially working with small projects such as producing professional LinkedIn photos for students, we were able to produce a sizeable portfolio allowing us to work with larger clients. One of the more established clients throughout my time at the company had requested weekly photoshoots as well as marketing material for events. Thru Studios is still ongoing and is run by my brother Hany.


  • Python
  • C++
  • Java
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • GitHub
  • Illustrator


  • It was a pleasure having Youssef on the team. He was able to jump right in and contribute to our projects. Youssef is a hard worker and was a joy to work with and got along very well with everyone he encountered.

    Sejin Kim, Technical Lead at Amplify Education
  • I was impressed with Youssef's ability to understand new iterations of the system, and disseminate the information to a large base of employees in a quick and professional manner - an important task during the testing phase of the new technology. Youssef managed the creation of a key presentation to the Technology committee at Canadian Tire Corporation regarding future enhancements. It was a pleasure working with Youssef.

    Greg Honour, General Manager at Canadian Tire